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Plenary Project Solutions Limited (PPSL) was formed in 2007 in the UK and has successfully developed a client base in our market niche.

Its sister company Plenary Project Solutions (Singapore) Limited (PPSSL) was launched in June 2010. 

Plenary Project Solutions provides Oil & Gas Project Solutions for Floating and Fixed leg facilities, which are bespoke systems or project teams to manage customer expectations and delivery promises. 

We cover project execution phases for the Asia and Australian Marketplace, providing a company link from Europe & the Americas that are managed by the UK Company.

  • Our Primary role is for the Operator of the asset, delivering the asset to the requirements of the Operator
  • Our Secondary role is for the Designer of the asset, to cover the delivery of the design to the execution phase
  • Our Third role is to cover the execution of the design through the Construction & Commissionig phases

Client Delivery Teams - Our Primary Role

Field owners and operators, under normal circumstances, will employ a core workforce to productively manage their assets. When a new project is sanctioned there is an obvious need for field owners and operators to increase this core workforce in order to execute the contract at every level.

This can be a costly, time consuming and risky process.

Often, increasing a core workforce means employing individuals from varying backgrounds and experience in an attempt to assemble a suitable cohesive project team. However, in essence, and for the most part, this will result in a disparate team of individuals without prior working knowledge of each other. It will also usually be a drawn out process, tied up in organization protocols and procedure.

What PPSSL offer is ‘One Team’ that can deliver on expectations and beyond, on a united front.  A team that will bring with it the experience and knowledge of, not only previously working together, but also knows how to deliver.

It is well known that communication is pivotal to any project success and the best way to ensure good and clear communication is to understand how each member of the team interacts and to understand their strengths and weaknesses so they can be placed correctly and effectively within that team. PPSSL can deliver with the comfortable knowledge that by providing this experienced ‘One Team’ approach we can deliver on our promises.

PPSSL’S method to achieving ‘One Team’:-­

PPSSL Bring together individuals who have worked together in a PPSSL team on previous projects

PPSSL Manage the solution not just the individuals

PPSSL Provide other resource from the market place who are known to us

PPSSL Provide individuals with the right experience and knowledge for other teams as transfers. 

PPSSL Team members are pre-­selected which means there is very little need for interview and 
grouping of personnel

PPSSL are set up to fast track personnel as and when required

PPSSL operate at lower rates than agencies

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We deliver on our aims

We deliver the final requirement to the operator

We promote and achieve the highest levels of safety, quality and completions systems 

We are affective in delivering the solution early in the project life cycle and thus avoiding 
unnecessary handover issues

We are also experienced in assisting projects that have limitations in achieving handover 
later in the project life cycle

We employ an adaptable team that is not limited to restrictive individual boundaries

We do not simply provide the people alone, we provide the solution, your solution! 


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