The Pre commissioning Phase of a project is where the initial livening up of the plant & equipment takes place

There are some opportunities in this phase to check Design criteria early on the availability of handover from construction through the Completions gateway.  The aim being to liquidate tests as early as possible and to remove a critical path of equipment calibration and performance test from the commissioning schedule.

PPS use this method to identify equipment that is damaged or does not work to design specifications, prior to the Commissioning "by written procedure" phase of the project.  As the commissioning Phase of a project is expected to be condensed and multi channeled risk paths, it is critical that every effort be made to reduce any unknown status into the schedule.

Plenary Project Solutions provide resources with specific skill sets on the execution of Pre commissioning scope.  Our resources are on a discipline, supervision and Management level

  • Electrical
  • Instrument
  • Mechanical Marine
  • Mechanical Topsides
  • Mechanical Turret
  • HVAC
  • Telecommunication
  • Fire & Gas
  • Process

All PPS Electrical, Instrument & Telecommunication Resources are COMPEX certified personnel.


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