Hazardous Area Inspection (HAEi)

Plenary Project Solutions has a very successful track record in the management of Hazardous Area Equipment Inspections.  Several projects have utilised the skills of PPS personnel to manage and campaign inspection and corrective action scopes of work.

During the design phase, we are engaged in equipment definition and zone inspection requirements.  The collation and verification of equipment type certification and FAT equipment is carried out in this phase.

Listed below are the 4 types of inspections our teams carry out.  It is a matter of timing when these are carried out and by who that generates a successful inspection schedule.  

  1. Initial Detailed Inspections
  2. Handover Close Inspections
  3. Pre start up Visual Inspections
  4. Periodical Detailed Inspections

Inspections can create damage, and it is important that minimum detailed (invasive) inspections are carried out during the installation construction phase.  The seals of equipment become damaged by repeated and un required multiple inspections.

Inspections must be carried out by certified electrical inspectors for verification that the field device is installed safely to design.  Having just a certificate, does not mean you are a good inspector.  Our inspectors understand the sequence and scheduling of inspections through the installation process, and are integrated with the construction teams inspections to make sure that the right inspection is done at the right time (once) and recorded.

Post Detailed inspection, it is the requirement for Preservation or Pre commissioning sign off personnel to be certified for this activity.  COMPEX certified technicians are used for this task.

Whilst not expected in the operational phase, rope access Inspection teams are available from Plenary Projects as operational access may be incomplete for the timing of the first 2 inspections above.


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