Safety Management - Construction

At Plenary Project Solutions, we understand the ownership of safety.  The safety and Business risk management in what is an intense period must be managed correctly with experience and measured to the requirements of the project.

The duty holder will always carry the legal responsibility of the safe system of work.  

We at Plenary Project Solutions, integrate the projects dynamic phases of Construction, Mechanical Completion and Commissioning.  With each new phase, the risks increase and the management of those risks requires different focus to be successful.

The construction phase requires all activities to be risk assessed.  Higher level risks will be individually permit controlled for SIMOPS and coordinated through Daily Safety Meetings by the Site PTW system (includes VSCC in Asia).

It is important to understand the asset management during construction phases, whilst preservation and existing operating equipment require constant care and attention during the construction phase which overlaps that of Completion and Commissioning.

Our expert teams of Safety Coaches and Coordinators ensure visibility of risks and management of SIMOPS through the construction phase

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