Completions Management Systems

All projects now carry a self certifying Completions Management System as part of the project delivery.

Most Operators have their own preference through past experience PPSL have our own system for those that do not have any preference or that an adopted system is not allocated to the project.  In General, we use what is instructed in the contract, but we retain high level experience in Completions Management System Design, implementation, including Punchlist Management.

We have designed, upgraded and executed several packages across projects for Operators and Suppliers.

Once the CMS system is approved for project use, Our CMS teams are fully integrated through the commissioning team and are utilised through the Detail Design Phase to provide system limits, Construction and Pre commissioning Check Records and punchlist management.

Additionally Plenary Project Solutions provide analysis of systems and fit for purpose review for projects providing enhancement and streamlining management solutions.

As this is quite a detailed subject, we are happy to arrange a separate consultation for your needs by clicking on the link here


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