Plenary Project Solutions have carried out commissioning services under its own name since 2007, but have been providing these services to the industry for a lot longer than that.

The Directors of the Company have both previously been engaged as consultant Commissioning Managers, responsible for the execution of the commissioning scope of work with a 70+ years combined industry experience between them.  

Commissioning Services are fully encompassing and may well be integrated with Operations Teams, Yard Teams and Specialist Subcontractors & Vendors.

Our services are designed to manage and deliver the scope with the involvement of some if not all of those parties.

Commissioning is the activity undertaken to demonstrate the installed design works to the design and that the design performs as per the specifications and legal requirements detailed for the project.

It is a complex relationship that balances the Designer, Fabricator, Installer, Operator, ICP and Regulatory entities in the delivery of the project, commonly to the Safety Case and Performance Standards.

At PPS, we believe that we have the balance right for the task.

Key experienced Management with planning and resources placed in a correct sequence in the Projects Execution Plan deliver detailed scope in a safe and timely manner with the quality and traceability that the end Operator needs for the asset.

Plenary Project Solutions have detailed experience Operating MC & Commissioning Teams of various sizes and complexity of various disciplines and grades.    

As this is quite a detailed subject, we are happy to arrange a separate consultation for your needs by clicking on the link here


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