Flange Management

Integral to the success of the project is the ability for containment of process and pressures within the designed system and the performance of its rotating equipment through its design lifecycle.

Put Simply…

  • Practical and well executed Flange Management reduces Hydrocarbon emissions
  • Mechanical Flange Management (Alignment to rotating Equipment) reduces Equipment Failure in its designed operating lifecycle

At Plenary Project Solutions, we understand this and we focus in these areas with specific resources who are experienced in the acceptance criteria's required.  It is generally accepted that a 3rd party company will carry out the  tensioning or torquing, with that company managed by our team through assurance and coaching activities for general piping flanges and witness for mechanical flanges.

It is our recommendation that we design a flange management database that is transferrable to the Operations team for future asset management.  A governing document will be updated to show each flange in location, either a detailed P&ID or set of simplified Piping Isometrics.  Once again, management of such a task falls easily within the Plenary Project Solution remit.

It is normal for this scope to be aligned with the Gross Leak testing teams scope of work.

Since 2017, PPS are able to offer this equipment supply directl.  Further details are available


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