The handover gateways between Design, Construction to Commissioning and Commissioning to Owner/Operator caters for system and area walk downs and assurance activities against the Construction and Commssioning process and procedures.

The handover process is normally attained through the completion management system process and a physical tri party walkdown between the gate stakeholders.

Plenary Project Solutions have specialist MC teams to manage this process efficiently and effectively.  The production of handover dossier's, pre checks and punchlist clearance management all factor in the delivery of the handover.

Whilst the MC term refers to Mechanical Completion, the term MC has become associated with the successful handover of the project, fulfilling contractual and traceable requirements.

This handover process is a verification trail that:- 

  1. The Design is captured in the completion management system and that covers 100% of the conractual scope.  
  2. The next gateway is to verify that the Construction has been completed to the design requirement
  3. After that, the Design is commissioned to make sure it works exactly how the design intent is required
  4. Finally, the asset needs to perform to the design and contract requirement.

4 simple gateways, that take a complex and sometimes circular path to achieve


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