Safety Management - Commissioning

Pre Commissioning & Commissioning requires a Permit to work system that meets the increased risk of managing the initial energisations and design verification tasks.  A very different level of work control management is needed and in itself if part of the overall management of risk for the project

As described in the earlier sections, the Legal Duty Holder will be the Fabrication Yard or the Integration Yard for the duration of the onshore phase of the project.  This only transfers to the Operator once the asset is away form the integration yard and "sailing to field"  there may be a transition period from the main contractor to the operator at the 500m zone in the production field.

During the Completion phase (phased handover from Construction), we apply LOTO based on pre designed boundary and local isolation requirements.  These are only removed once there is a requirement to initially put the system into service.  A LUN (Livening Up Notice) system is internationally accepted as the way to manage this and we carry expertise in this area to manage LUN personnel, integrated with the CPTW (Commissioning Permit To Work team) to provide the services with the Commissioning Lead Engineers. 

Major risk and SIMOPS management is undertaken to deal with the increase of harm through this period as the asset becomes electrically live, and then live with pressure, followed by process flammable risk.

Key in the Completions phase is to provide very good quality communication, tool box talks and coaching.  SIMOPS study and system/Area ownership from the CPTW team is used to maintain safe working relationships with continuing Construction, existing preservation and new operating conditions.

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