Competency of resources through Project and Operational Phases are managed through Plenary Project Solutions and Clients requirements.

Full certification verification, trade tests, Interviews and Peer assessments are used for Project personnel, whilst Computer Based Training and Record keeping is managed using "IDESS" for operations personnel.

Plenary Project Solutions maintain direct links to key certifying organisations such as OPITO and COMPEX.  

Education certificates and associated certificates are validated (and in some cases translated) for Plenary Personnel.  We can also offer and extend this service for non PPS personnel.

Plenary Project Solutions undertake competency assessments of personnel during operation cycles and provide on hand coaching and assessments of workforces.

During Construction Phases, Electrical Glanding and Instrument Tubing competencies are trade checked and where required; coaching by suppliers own training instructor is arranged to create the designed installation competency.


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